• Save your machining costs.

  • Save using compact drives.

150+ Years of expertise 

We distribute high performance Mobil industrial lubricants, which are designed to ensure peak efficiency and reliability for your equipments. From mineral and fully synthetic lubricants to compressor and cutting fluids, we have something to enable every equipment to do more.

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Mobil SHC™

Explore the full line of Mobil™ SHC products to discover how you can reduce wear, energy consumption and maintenance costs to energize your business.

Mobil™ Grease

The Mobil™ grease product line – whether mineral based or synthetic – is designed for all-around balanced performance even in extreme operating conditions.

Mobil Serv℠

Partner with a worldwide, world-class network of experts who draw on the vast knowledge amassed through more than a century of experience in equipment lubrication and working with OEMs.

We welcome retailers to join us

We believe that local retailers can service industries more efficiently, if trained and supported by our lube experts. We aspire to develop retailers as partners in every industrial clusters around Karnataka. 

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